How it works


Our Pastured Farm Food Club is located in Palm Beach County, FL. We are a private membership based association, where our Amish farmer(s) are members themselves and the food we receive is traceable, pure and grown on nutrient dense soil, under traditional time-honored methods.
Our main food producer is the Amos Miller Organic Farm, located in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania. Our members order together as a group of people through our Pastured Farm Food Club and the pick up is in locations in Palm Beach  and Martin Counties, FL – on a bi-weekly schedule.

You must be a member to gain access to our community and to purchase from our website.

Our Locations

Local pickup locations are currently at our Warehouse in West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and Stuart. (See our pickup location page)  Our refrigerated Warehouse is located at the West Palm Beach location.
Each pickup location is organized by a group leader, who helps to facilitate each pick up. There is NO additional pick up location fee at any of our locations.

Home Delivery

We offer home delivery to limited areas in Palm Beach County. You can select that option of delivery at the checkout. If you live inconvenient to our locations that we serve, you can also get home delivery with FedEx or UPS.

Do you ship via FedEx or UPS?

Yes – the farm will ship any food order nationwide via either UPS or FedEx. If you are interested getting your food shipped,  please become a member at our sister site That site was created to fulfill orders shipped cold packaged directly from the farm to your door step.
With FedEx or UPS, the shipping charges are higher vs ordering through the Food Club and the effort to protect the food during shipment is considerable.
The farm is charging a cold packaging fee to cover the cost of ice packs and an insulated shipping box and your order shall not exceed 50 lbs of total shipping weight. You are discouraged to order in glass and gallon sized bottles and ordering eggs need extra careful packaging to be protected from possible damage.
Ordering through the Food Club, where our food is delivered on a pallet – via refrigerated truck – is not just more affordable – if many members order together as a group – there are also NO limitations or restrictions. You can order everything in glass bottles and as many eggs as you wish. Our food is better protected on a pallet and there is rarely damage occurring during transit. We never charge a handling fee and the shipping is a flat 20% of your total food order.

How do I become a member?

Please create your account by completing the membership application. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter which you can do at the bottom of any page, to be able to receive our emails.
Once you have created your account you can start placing orders. Your membership fee is $35.00 annually and the renewal date is the anniversary date of your sign up.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership before your next renewal date and your account will be deleted. Just send us an email to

How to place an order?

Orders are placed through the website and each bi-weekly delivery has an order deadline which we will describe below. You will receive our deadline email reminders and you can always check our pick up location page for the next ordering circle.
When placing an order, please specify in the comment box if you want fresh or frozen meats. All meats will ship frozen by default, unless you request otherwise. Also write NO SUBSTITUTES” in the comment box, if you don’t want the farm to replace an item with a similar item if the one you ordered is OUT OF STOCK.
We can only process one order for each member. Our shopping cart is set up to never expire, that means that unless you officially “check out”, you can add or delete anything you like and the cart will be held until you finalize your order.
In the event that you forgot an item after you submitted your order, no problem – although you can not “edit” your order any longer – but for as long as these changes are made within our deadline, you can email us and we can add additional items to your order or replace/delete an item in your behalf. We will do these changes manually, notify the farmer and initiate a 2nd final charge or issue you a refund after your order is fulfilled. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE A SECOND ORDER THANK YOU 🙂

When are the order deadlines?

We have two deadlines: on Tuesdays at noon time and Wednesday at 6pm. The first order deadline for our FARM FOOD  is Tuesday at noon time, before our next scheduled pick up day. The benefit of ordering early is that the farm can plan ahead and the odds increase that the foods you ordered are “IN STOCK”!
Orders placed at a later deadline might encounter less availability as the farmer is preparing all foods to order and if there is not enough time left, the farm might not be able to fulfill all parts of your order.
The farm will also include a monthly “free gift” – if you make a comment at the checkout. The free item is offered only to those members who place their order “early” – by Tuesday at noon time (our first deadline).
You can still place an order until Wednesday at 6pm (our absolute deadline), those orders are – however – exempt from the free gift. As described above, chances are that the farm is running out of food and they will fulfill orders in the order as they where received. Placing your order “early” is therefore highly recommended.
ALL orders received after our 2nd deadline on Wednesdayneed a different processing and the farm is adding a $20 LATE FEE to accommodate those orders.

Orders received on Thursday will be processed with our next delivery

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit and debit cards as our sole payment methods. When you place your order you will be prompted for your  card information. You will be charged for your food at the time you place your order, but the exact weights of products or products that may be out-of-stock are not known until the order is fulfilled from the farmer. Once the order is fulfilled and all weights are known, your invoice will be adjusted and marked “Complete” to reflect any changes and we will either charge or credit your card for the difference between the initial payment and the actual final payment. We will send you a final completed invoice.

How is the food delivered to the club?

Our cold storage warehouse is an outdoor refrigerated container in back of the building at 3765 Investment Lane, Riviera Beach Florida. Food from the farm arrives on a pallet via refrigerated truck. The food is kept under constant refrigeration until we deliver it to you or you pick it up at our warehouse.

What about shipping charges?

Orders are shipped from the Amos Miller Organic Farm, every other week and the cost to deliver the refrigerated food to our Club is considerable. Members are charged 20% of their total food cost to cover shipping and other expenses*.

What other expenses* are covered from the shipping charges?

Shipping charges also cover the cost of Room and Board for the animals, bottling and packaging materials as well as labor for our farm helpers to box your food and to fulfill our orders. We have implemented the fastest refrigerated Trucking route from the farm into our refrigerated Warehouse to ensure receiving the freshest foods possible. It also covers Website expenses and maintenance as well as every other imaginable task that is involved to process and delegate our orders and to have continues access to clean and pure food. Everything is a labor of love with one mission in mind: To offer you the most nourishing traditional foods money can buy.
Around here we like to support those who care to grow foods that will and can sustain health and we are proud to offer the shortest and simplest path from pasture to plate.

Is there an order minimum?

No, we do not have order minimums or bi-weekly commitments. You can buy a little or a lot or you can skip delivery circles as you wish.

What if I have to cancel my order?

We understand that unpredictable things can happen and that the need to cancel an existing order might arise. The deadline for cancelling an order is by noon time on the Wednesday prior to delivery (absolute 2nd deadline). Please email to help@pasturedfarmfoodclub if you wish to cancel your order. After that time your order cannot be stopped as the farm has started the packing process. You are welcome to have a friend pick up your order or home delivery can be arranged (extra charge applies) if you live within 10 miles of any of our existing pick up locations. Calling an Uber would be an option as well.

**Cancellation fee**

If the order is cancelled the same day you place it, there is no cancellation fee. Any day after that, we will charge a $10.00 cancellation fee for orders up to $300.00 and $25.00 for any order over $300.00. Since every order is fulfilled by hand and foods are prepared freshly per order, a cancellation of an existing order is a challenge. However, if you decide to opt for a store credit, there is no cancellation fee and you can use that credit on any future order of your choice. Thank you for your understanding.

How do pick up days work?

Arrive at the chosen pickup location on the pick up day and times as indicated here. Until we get to know you, bring your order or your ID and our Club member will hand you your food what is nicely boxed up from the farm.
Once you receive your order, please check it against your emailed receipt, that everything you ordered is there.
It is your responsibility to make sure that you pick up your food on time and bring it into cold storage as quickly as possible. If you will be traveling more than an hour or know you can’t go home right away, the farm can provide you with additional Ice packs or put your food into a Styrofoam cooler to keep your food cold longer. You can purchase those “optional” items on our website.
You don’t need to bring a cooler if you plan to place your food into cold storage within an hour of picking it up. We don’t have coolers to exchange at the pickup sites! You can, however, have the farm put your food into a Styrofoam cooler with ice packs to keep your food cold or frozen for an extended period of time. Those coolers can be purchased for a small fee on the website. See here.

Can a friend pick up my order?

Yes, let us know you are sending a friend and be sure to fill them in on the pickup procedures. Please tell the hostess your name and the members name you like to pick up for.

 What if my order is damaged or something is missing?

In the rare event that an item is missing from your order or anything is damaged, we advise you to contact us at (561) 512-7695 immediately (or up to 5 days after your pickup) so we can assist you and help you resolve that issue. We will contact the farm in your behalf and give them instructions of a replacement or a food credit or we will issue a refund back to your credit card.

Can my group leader hold my order?

No. Our group leaders do not have storage facilities available. If you are running late for your scheduled pick up time, please contact your group leader or Anke, (561) 512-7695.